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December 7, 2019

Current Events & News


SAFETY DAY 2017- Thanks to all who made Safety Day 2017 a success: speakers, catering, employees for their help prepping and setting up, and employees for your cooperation in filling out and updating paperwork. Looking forward to the start of the busy season!

MEET THE CREW – a Pember Companies, Inc. employees have filled out questionnaires and have had featured Facebook posts spotlighting them. View the previous ‘meet the crew’ posts below & submit your questionnaire to have a post featured about YOU!

2017 HOLIDAY PARTY – {DURAND ROD & GUN CLUB} –  On February 3rd the annual Pember Companies, Inc. Holiday Party was held at the Durand Rod & Gun Club. It is always fun to look back on the year, take a look at pictures gathered throughout the year, and catch up with one another! There were a large amount of service awards & prizes handed out to our employees – thanks to our employees for a great 2016! View the list of employees who received service awards below as well fun pictures from the evening. Also, to give your opinion on the holiday party and give feedback on other employee events please follow the link and take a short 10 question survey. Your responses are valuable to us in planning future Pember Companies, Inc events! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GL6B9BC

1 year –

James Caturia, Damon Delong, Dakota Delong, George Frazier, Kent Harmon, Glenda Huber, Charles Hutter, Tyler Klinski, Ryan Pember, Scott Peterson, Anne Whittier, & Aaron Zimmerman.

5 years –

 Luke Bauer & Tyler Swanson.

10 years –

Barry Garfield

15 years –

Jane Hanke

30 years –

Joe Pember

35 years-

Cliff Hermann


Josh Wood - Grand Prize Grill Winner


HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR APPRENTICESHIP –This past year we had two employees, Jared Wood & Joel Lande, complete their three year heavy equipment operator apprenticeship. Travis McDonough, Tim Klinski, Chase Lee, & Tyler Klinski are participating in it currently. CONGRATS to Jared & Joel and keep up the hard work Travis, Tim, Chase, & Tyler! Check out some cool shots of the guys below!

Joel Lande - 2016 Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship

CON- EXPO , VEGAS MARCH 2017 – In March a few employees made the trip to Vegas to check out some of the newest trends in the industry at the con- expo. Learning about the newest trends in equipment and technology is a great way to stay innovative in the industry!

HCSS TRAINING – Four Pember Employees {Joe, Ryan, Jane & Anne} went to HCSS Training in Houston , TX in January.  Since 1986, HCSS has been developing software to help construction companies streamline their operations. Today, they are recognized as a pioneer and leader in their market, serving thousands of construction companies across the nation. Year after year, they continue to innovate, refine, and expand their products as the industry evolves. Pember Companies, Inc.  & Larry was one of the first to implement the software in the industry and we still utilize it today for many day to day operations. Joe, Ryan, Jane & Anne were able to learn about new trends, tips for utilizing HCSS as a software program, and other fun things. Pember Companies, Inc. constantly strives to keep growing & improving and various training throughout the year is a great way to do so!HCSSLogo_NEW2014_1217_Horizontal

HUNTING PHOTOS – Many of our employees LOVE to hunt throughout the year. Check out the fun shots below of some of our guys!